Kerlite makes versatility and ease of use its strong points: Kerlite is extremely light, easy to cut and install. The slabs have a considerable resistance and can be easily sanitised.
Developed for the aesthetic needs of architecture and contemporary design, Kerlite introduces the era of global tiling. 
The infinite possibilities of installation of Kerlite demonstrate that there is no limit to use of this material. Since it was presented, in 2004, it has fulfilled the needs of consumers and designers that have chosen it to create highly original solutions. Prestigious references all over the world attest to this appreciation.
Kerlite, also available in the Plus version, can be installed directly on the former covering, irrespective of whether it is marble, wood, cotto, ceramics or other compact materials. The benefits include not only saving time but also money, because with Kerlite Plus you don't have to modify doors, there is no dust, no moving expenses, noise and debris disposal. These advantages are priceless.