KOLEN likes to see our clients as partners and therefore we are ready for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This might be nothing new for you, but we would like to take the idea of partnership to the next level. Our provision of services goes beyond the delivery and appliance of the materials; this is only a starting-point for us! Our passion for our products extends in such a way that we would like to take care of your maintenance, if you desire.

Inspection and recovery
Safety and maintenance are closely related to each other. The better the maintenance of your natural stone or ceramic surface, the longer you can enjoy your investment without problems and the better the durability of your product is guaranteed. A KOLEN inspection- and recovery contract is the perfect solution for those who do not want to sacrifice the durability, quality and safety of walls, floors and other surfaces. An annual inspection is included in the contract. One of our employees will inspect all of your natural stone or ceramic surfaces. All possible weaknesses like damages and ruptures will be judged and will be repaired immediately when necessary. Besides that our employee will judge the overall state of the surface in an objective way, in order to prevent from possible problems in the future. With this way of working we will avoid small defects to lead to larger damages. For instance, a damaged seam cannot lead to larger deterioration of parts of tile-work anymore. A damaged tile will be replaced by us. We like to work in a preventive way and we would like to avoid discussion between involved parties by working in a clear and honest way – we determine and solve!

All findings and repairs will be reported in word and image in a maintenance report, so you always have insight in the executed repairs, the overall state of your surface and possible necessary maintenance in the future. For the execution of the inspection- and recovery activities KOLEN uses highly experienced craftsmen. Depending on the chosen form of contract we take care of the planning of inspections, so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Proper maintenance increases the lifespan of your natural stone- or ceramic surface and ensures that the material retains its appearance and functionality. This leads to an increase of safety and user comfort. A maintenance-advice from KOLEN helps you with the execution of your daily- and periodic maintenance, so your surfaces stay in optimal condition, not only now, but especially in the future.

We always provide you a custom-made maintenance-advice with instructions for the daily maintenance of your specific project. Our advice is adapted to the used materials, your expectations and the intensity of usage. We can offer you maintenance-contracts for the periodical and incidental maintenance of your surfaces. Depending on your desires and the type of accommodation you pay a fixed amount per month or square meter for keeping your surfaces in a guaranteed top condition. If you have got any questions about the available contract-forms, we will be glad to answer them. U can contact us by using the information on the contact page.

You can see our possibilities for inspection- and maintenance contracts as our new form of guarantee. We decide together, as partners, to what extend we will go. With this new form of guarantee we show you what we mean by partnership! Inspection and repairs are initiated and executed by the supplier, following a clear and transparent protocol which we establish together with you. That is guarantee for us!