The plan Gerretson Square, located in Eindhoven at the corner where the Gerretson Avenue Huizingalaan checked, a residential and shopping complex realized with apartments and shops, including a supermarket. All apartments are situated around the courtyard.

A total of 110 rental apartments consisting of several variants. Of these 80 apartments equipped with two 2-bedroom. These homes are on average 80 m2 (ranging between approximately 70 m2 and 93 m2 approx). In addition there are 30 apartments with 1 bedroom each. These homes are on average approximately 56 m2. The apartments are rented with associated parking in the basement.

It was designed by Van Aken Architects and is being built by Khan Construction company. The construction of the project commenced in 2011.

The ceramic tiles are supplied and installed by KOLEN CERAMIC