Natural stones

Since 1997 KOLEN has been active in the natural stone-department through strategic takeovers. Because of our many years of experience KOLEN is capable to execute all aspects in the natural stone branch, like the delivery and appliance of the required anchors, producing the desired drawings, transportation and packing. All of these aspects are executed within the desired time-limit in a thorough and responsible way. Whatever the circumstances are, KOLEN can be contracted for the execution of projects which are bound to a time-limit or budgetary limit, without sacrificing the quality.

Tracking of materials
One of the forces of our organization is the inventiveness in tracking the right materials for your project. We buy our materials directly at the quarry or at the source. Our years of experience let us know exactly where to find specific materials.

Craftsmanship in engineering, project-support and assimilation.
KOLEN is a discussion-partner in design, execution and after-sales service. Our employees are constantly trained and are aware of the newest materials, possibilities and appliances. Transferring our knowledge to the youngest generation is one of our key features. We treasure the high level of craftsmanship in our organization. Because of the mutual transferring of knowledge by our staff, we are also able to help you with construction- and design-details.

For KOLEN, the delivery and installation of our material is only the start of our process. Our organization attaches high value to service and after-sales when it comes to completed projects. A sustainable and durable product demands for a sustainable and durable approach. Our innovative KOLEN-Services program provides the service you deserve and is tailor-made to your demands.

Worldwide, without limits
KOLEN is not bounded by limits. We are highly flexible and think in solutions. We have a lot of experience in the realization and completion of different kinds of projects worldwide. There is no project too big or too small for us to deal with.

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