As a high-end and high-quality partner we can realize complex and luxury works with ceramics and natural stone in every reliable way. We are the obvious partner when it comes to the completion of your utility-, housing-, or any other building project. We continuously search for new developments within our market and we are open for contemporary forms of contracting. For us, partnership is our main goal. For that reason we go beyond the sole delivery and application of ceramics and natural stone. We are eager to share our passion of our products and business with you.

KOLEN O.O.O. is part of the Dutch Kolen Group which has a long history of (inter)national projects.


  • Over 25 years of experience in ceramics and natural stone in all their aspects,
  • High safety standards and focus on sustainability
  • Know-how and a full discussion partner from design up to completion and afterwards.
  • Using our specialism in the production and tracing of materials, worldwide
  • Quality is our priority,
  • Flexibility and unlimited possibilities
  • Custom-made solutions,
  • Competitive pricing,
  • Innovative KOLEN-Services program.

Current projects